A couple of weeks ago I did some sketches of the chickens.  It just seemed like they would be fun to draw.  I thought I might use them in my work, maybe potholders, but I haven’t had the urge yet.
Today our chicken Alice was killed by a hawk.  I was sad, but I’d rather have chickens roam the farm and risk the dangers than keep them in a coop.

This evening, when I went to check on Winston (the rooster) and Meg (the hen) there was a third chicken in the barn.  She was red like Meg but scrawny with a few missing feathers .  Jon had gone to Gardenworks and surprised me by bringing home another chicken.  We named her Fran, after my sister.  Jon thought it was a good chicken name and I figured the chicken would  have no choice but to grow into it.  Tonight the three of them were sitting on the roost.  Winston and Meg huddled together and Fran a bit away from them.  It may take a day or two, but soon Meg and Fran will be clucking together and  scratching around for bugs while Winston follows them around strutting and crowing . 

13 thoughts on “Chickens

  1. I am sad about Alice,poor thing I hope she didn’t suffer.But Fran is beautiful and it was loving of Jon to bring her to your home. I love how chickens move and your sketches capture their shapes well.

  2. Normally, I would have read this post and felt bad for Alice’s demise and your loss and then gone on with my day. But I had to put down my dear, sweet dog, Chloe today, after 14 great years, and so, reading of Alice’s demise, took on a much deeper personal tone and sent me wailing from the computer. I hope you don’t lose any more chickens. I don’t think I could bear it right now.

  3. It will probably take Fran a few days to warm up to her new friends. Once she feels comfortable I am sure her easy personality and quick wit will emerge and win everyone over. Either that or she’ll be eaten by a fox.

  4. Sketches are great. Puffed up an Proud Im a cicken,,, shades of a Roo,,, What, What… should I be worried,,, Kewl what this over there! Chickens live in the moment… ol no A HAWK… naw just a plane… did ya see those good bugs??? there by the garden…

    1. Love the monologue Dona. I just said to Jon today that I’m not worried about the chickens because they live in the moment and if a hawk gets them well, they were happily eating the moment before and the moment before…..

  5. Being a new chicken owner, I would love to see chicken potholders or better yet chickens on pillows. I know you aren’t feeling it quite yet but when you do I would love to have one or two!

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