The Long Man Offers Hidden Gifts

I made this streaming piece about a month ago after dreaming of the long thin white man.    The dream was scary and the  man creepy.  But when I talked about the dream with  Mary Muncil, I came to see what my subconscious was trying to tell me and the dream and the man were no longer scary. Now when I look at this piece I no longer think of the dream or it’s meaning (which I can’t even remember).    I think instead  of what dreams have to offer and that sometimes they are scary to get my attention.  To awaken me to something in my life that isn’t quite right so I can deal with it. I haven’t been visited by the long thin white man again so I guess I got his message.  But even if he came back I don’t think he’d be scary.  I seem to have transformed him into a giver of gifts.

3 thoughts on “The Long Man Offers Hidden Gifts

  1. Love this one, Maria. There’s something really powerful about it. And the color choices seem to really work with it. Then again, there is not a streaming piece of yours that I don’t like.

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