Fertility and Abundance


My potholders and pillows on the steps of the Pig Barn Gallery

When I first thought of the idea for the Pig Barn Gallery I researched pigs to see what their  symbolic meaning was.

I know pigs have a bad reputation for being dirty and glutinous but I’ve heard many good things about them too.  They’re smart and make good pets (think of Arnold the pig from Green Acres)  and I’ve heard they don’t go quietly to the slaughter house which makes me think they may have some awareness about it.

What I first found was that in ancient cultures (Egyptian, Greek, Celtic, Chinese) the pig was a symbol for fertility and abundance.  I could have stopped there, but it seemed to good to be true, so I decided to look further.   I guess I found what I was looking for when I came across  some cultures and religions who saw the pig less favorably (ignorance, laziness, unclean).  I saw the completing symbols as  a choice and  decided to believe in the more positive view of pigs.  It is my gallery after all.

So fertility and abundance it is.   How perfect for a creative venture such as an art gallery.  When I bless the barn for the Functional Art show I’ll call on the spirit  of  Pig, bringing fertility (in what ever form it takes) and abundance to all who visit the gallery.

Izzy is abundant in Love

(I often forget to credit Jon with the photo’s he takes and I hear about it for days.  So, both these photo’s are Jon’s and beautiful they are and grateful I am.)


13 thoughts on “Fertility and Abundance

  1. Hi Maria, I just wanted to say I really love these pillows- they are very unique and I would love to have one! Unfortunately, I am in Illinois and cannot make it to your show. Please let me know if there’s another way to purchase one… I particularly like the one on the bottom of this 2nd pic with the fall colors (I’m kind of a fall freak you could say) I love that you are blessing the barn with the spirit of the pig, may fertility abound : ) Oh, and this picture is very nice too (compliments to Jon!) – Izzy’s a perfect backdrop~

    1. Hi Amy, I’ll let Jon know. I’ll have more pillows for sale after the show and whatever doesn’t sell at the show I’ll post on my site. Thanks

  2. Really enjoyed this post Maria, you have a way with words! I may just quote you one day. :) Your pillows are gorgeous. I so hoped Mark and I could come up to the gallery Oct 8-9th, but I’m not sure it’s going to work out.

  3. I have raised a few pigs here. Givin a few acres to roam they do keep a neat home. kept in a small lot, well yea, what choice do they have? I even kept stuffing a apple under a tree stump i wanted to go away. they rooted right under it for the apple an good things there. and I carried the stump to the burn pile. Pork Chop an I would share a beer in the evening when they went to bed, ever see a pig drink out of a bottle? Given the chance they can have a good life!

  4. Your pillows and potholders are gorgeous, love how they spill over the stones. And sweet Izzy adds so much to the serenity and beauty. I’m happy for the image of pig symbolism you’ve chosen. They are quite amazing, I have a friend who has a farm animal sanctuary with many pigs, including one who is in her house and sleeps on her bed! Truffles is her name.

  5. I stand in AWE of your Art!! (quilts, potholders, sketches, videos) Tends to pull alot of stuff from the past to the now fer me. Thanks! I’m seeing again.

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