Suzy’s Shawl

Suzy Fatzinger  sent me this photo of the shawl she made for the Functional Art show at the Pig Barn Galley. ( I love the photo as well as the shawl ).    This is the wool she used to make the shawl.   The periwinkle is the dyed wool ( called roving) before it was spun and the black is wool she had already spun.     She explained:

“The black that you can see in the yarn is kid mohair and baby alpaca.  The blue is mohair with merino wool blended in to give it a little loft.  Kid mohair is from the first shearing of the baby goat (normally referred to as “kids”).  The babies are born in the Spring and then sheared in the Fall.”  “This is an up close view to help you see the yarn, and the slight “halo” that you get from the mohair.   Mohair has sheen, a glossiness that you don’t regularly see in other fibers.  It shows up even when dyed.  It is more “hair like” than other wool fibers and has a drapey effect to it.  That’s why when I have my fiber processed, I will have wool added to give it some bounce and loft.  Alpaca can do the same.”

Suzy will be bringing her spinning wheel with her from Pennsylvania  to the Pig Barn Gallery  for the show.  She’ll be spinning and selling her hand knitted work, baby hats and shawls. 

7 thoughts on “Suzy’s Shawl

  1. Thank you Maria! I cannot say enough about my wonderful little “helpers” :) , I thought I would mention, mohair fiber comes from angora goats…. angora fiber comes from angora rabbits. I am so looking forward to being a part of your show.

  2. I live in Houston,Texas and cannot come to the show in October. So, since I think that Suzy’s Shawl so pretty, contact me if it does not sell during the show. I will purchase it.

    Cheers, EBW

  3. I petted an angora goat at the fair. He felt like pure silk! Interesting to learn his fur is used for mohair. I didn’t know the angora fiber came from rabbits. There’s so much to discover!

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