Chung-Ah Listens to the Clay

Chung-Ah  Park is making new work for the Functional Art show, but these are some of the pieces she’s made in the past year.   Between her forms and glaze, Chung-Ah’s  work seems to have a feeling that is both contemporary and ancient at the same time.

The glaze on this piece is so visceral to me I have no other words for it. Chung-Ah says that she listens to the lump of clay in her hands and to herself and tries creates pieces that can speak to others.  You can meet the Chung-Ah and all the artists at the reception at the Pig Barn Gallery on Saturday October 8th from 1-3pm.

Jon will also be signing copies of his new book Going Home, Finding Peace when Pets Die, which can be purchased at Gardensworks (just 5 minutes from Bedlam Farm) or Battenkill Books in Cambridge NY.

4 thoughts on “Chung-Ah Listens to the Clay

  1. Hi Maria,
    Will you be posting directions to your place? I’m hoping to come. We live in Beaverton, about two hours north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. If I can’t make it this time, I will at one of them! I love your work, your thoughts and philosophy.

  2. Hi Maria,

    I just love reading your blog and I too, enjoy your philosophy and it opens up my mind to more real thinking and meditating on things I usually dont take the time to do. Thank you for that….and also for making Jon such a wonderful partner, wife and soulmate!

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