Rose’s New Job

You won’t usually find Rose posing with Jon’s notecards, but since the sheep are gone, she’s been looking for something to do.  And what better thing than to let everyone know that Jon’s notecards will be for sale at the Functional Art in a couple of weeks.  Of course, Jon will also be there with Simon and Lenore greeting everyone and signing his books.

Jon’s Going Home, Finding Peace When Pets Die book tour officially starts today and I’ll be going with him to Barnes and Noble in Saratoga Springs  to sign books,then to  Albany where he’ll be on WAMC’s Vox Pop at 2pm then to Barnes and Noble at Colonie Center for the first reading of the tour.

Next week he’ll be in the Midwest while I’m setting up the show in the Pig Barn.  These are just some of the cards that we’ll have at the show…

14 thoughts on “Rose’s New Job

  1. Good morning Rose (and Maria),
    You always brighten my day in some way. You could sell me just about anything. Have fun with your new job!

  2. Better be careful… bet she would chase a missed stitch too!!! titch…titch…titch… …titch… an Rose is sittin on yur sewing machine… Where’d it go??? I’ll git it back, not to worry!!!

  3. Please make a notecard of her posing with her cards !! She is just adorable in this shot !! Out if character for her, not in the fields working.

  4. Even though she may look a bit uncomfortable,she did the amazing and looked strait at camera and photographer. Another example of the special connection of women and animals I think. :~)

  5. She has a special connection to you. I remember when Jon wrote that she actually jumped on the bed to get affection from you.That’s so heartwarming.

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