I Washed MySelf Clean with the Power of Love

I had no intention of making another streaming pillow for the show.  I actually started a new quilt thinking I might get it done by next Saturday.   But apparently I have little discipline.  I woke up thinking “I washed myself clean with the power of love.”  I couldn’t resist.  It even got me out of bed before the sun came up.  I couldn’t wait to get to the studio and start sewing.

I knew it had to be pink.   I sat at my machine and the queen of hearts, roses and love flowed out of me.  I couldn’t believe I was stitching hearts.  And yet it felt nothing like the over-used, cliche symbol I had always seen it as.  Suddenly it had it’s original power and I understood it and was using it.

” I washed myself clean with the power of love/float me on rose petals/ truth and roses/ healing waters/ letting go and gifts of plenty”

10 thoughts on “I Washed MySelf Clean with the Power of Love

  1. Maria, I love reading about your creative process here. I love the new streaming pillow too. I will keep you and all the artists in my thoughts for your upcoming show. Blessings to you always.

  2. Jon is so right, those words are beautiful, and the deep pink with the blue border are as intense as love itself. Annie

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