More treasures for the show this weekend

Susan Leader with one of her bowls

Susan came to Jon’s reading yesterday and gave me 3 boxes of her pottery for the show. (After posing for me with a bowl on her head in front of the book store) .   There are big bowls, and tiny bowls  and nesting bowls, and mugs. There are bees  and sheep and turtles and fish and flowers.  It was the first time I met Susan and I’m sorry she can’t be at the reception on Saturday, (She’ll be at the Dorset Farmers Market where she is every Saturday during the summer)  she’s a lot of fun. I didn’t get to see all her work until this morning when I went through the boxes.  It’s like Christmas morning , I have to remind myself it’s not all for me.

Nancy BurilukSmith with her box of jewels

Nancy dropped off her jewelry this morning.  A treasure chest of glass beads.  Necklaces, bracelets, earrings,  I looked through them dazzled by their intricacy and beauty.   Before making lampwork beads, Nancy  was a felter, she talked about the similarities between felting and lampwork.  It’s in the process and how the materials are attached to each other.  In both materials are attached by  placement and  pressure as opposed to stitching or tying.  Nancy has a pretty big following in the area, I have a feeling there will be more than one person at the reception already wearing her jewelry.  I’ll be one of them.

7 thoughts on “More treasures for the show this weekend

  1. Susan Leader seems like a hot spook! Is Frieda in her crate in the second picture? It rather looks like it.
    And there’s the shoes again,on the mat.Your photos/videos frequently have shoes,footsteps or the ground in them. I love that. It’s great to be grounded at last.
    Enjoy this week, Cindy

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