Lenore and Black Lab Quilt

Lenore with Gretchen's quilt

Gretchen’s husband John,  dropped off her “Black Lab Star Quilt” for the show this morning.  One of Gretchen’s dogs just had a litter of puppies, so Gretchen has been busy keeping an eye on them.  We’ll be raffling the quilt off at the Functional Art Show this weekend.  Tickets are $5 each or 6 for $25.  We’ll pick the winner on Sunday at 3pm.

2 thoughts on “Lenore and Black Lab Quilt

  1. Such a sweet photo. Jon’s got a talented understudy.
    The weather will be sunny and warm this w/e for the show!

  2. Watching your show proceeding from afar. If you were here, you’d see me comfortably sitting at the computer keys and smiling, smiling, smiling as I proceed through your thoughtful postings of hanging the show, etc. Thanks for taking the time to photograph, post and share. I’m sure it’s a red-letter few days for you. Love the Lenore/quilt/pin cushion photos.

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