The Last of the Work

Some of Chung-Ah's pottery

Chung-Ah Park and Robin Blakney-Carlson dropped off their work today.  Now it’s all here (except for Diane’s work which will come tomorrow when she come to help hang the show).  With everything going on I forgot to take a picture of Chung-Ah with her work.   But I’ll be sure to get one or two at the show.  Her work is all so beautiful it was hard to choose which pieces to show first.

Robin and her work

I met Robin for the first time today.  She pointed to small stands of fiber and fabric in her scarves and told me what they were, fabric from India, and old kimono, kid angora.  Rich colors and textures and some small purses like abstract painting.  Robin was dressed in her own work from her jacket to her handbag.   It was delightful,  I’ve never seen work quite like hers.

3 thoughts on “The Last of the Work

  1. Maria! Everything looks wonderful! I love the beauty of your vision! Know that for every person who comes are ten more like me who would give anything to come but truly can’t right now. I think of you and pray I am able to come some day. With warmest good wishes for a good week-end in every way!

  2. It all looks great…too bad I’m so far away…I would love to visit. I love the pottery, it’s beautiful. Good luck with your sale.

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