Functional Art Show Tour (without chickens)

Well, if you can’t make it to the show this weekend here’s what it looks like. (and sometimes sounds like when the dogs are in the front yard).    Tomorrow a view with people.  I’m tired and excited about tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “Functional Art Show Tour (without chickens)

  1. BBBBeautiful!!! Thanks for the preview for those of us ‘distance challenged” folks who will be there in spirit only. I’m starting a new piggy bank and hope to make another show sometime next year, maybe??
    Con mucho gusto, Maria–take a huge bow!

  2. Hi Maria,
    I LOVE the little video you have here. I truly want to come out to the show this weekend, but may not be able to make it…I really want to buy a few of your potholders so maybe i can do that via email? Or do you have an online (etsy?) shop? If i cannot make the show i will email you about your potholders, ok? love, mare

  3. So inspiring!! Something you could come an spend a minute seeing what others thought (art!)! Did ya see the lightning bolt coming down from the pot holders?? Windows are wonderful! Really has a nice flow… Hopin I can enjoy the next one an see my old homeplace!!

  4. Wow! thanks for the journey into the Pigbarn gallery for your art show, it all looks so lovely! Have a great day and enjoy! :)) from Aus

  5. Thanks for the tour. You’ve done a lovely job of displaying the wonderful art in such a fun setting. Wishing you a successful show!

  6. Thank you for the virtual tour, absolutely gorgeously arranged, seems almost a shame to undo the art just in the displaying of the art. I was with you in thought this wk-end. If it was like here, and it looks like it was, you couldn’t have had more beautiful weather. So wanted to be there and one of these times the Ohio “girls” will make it it to Cambridge again.

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