Hanging the Show

  Diane got here at 8:30 and we started hanging the show.  First we went thorough the house and pulled out every table, shelf and bench that we thought we could use to display the work.    Then we took all the work out of boxes and lined it up to see what we had.    I stood there starring at it all while Diane got to work.  We place the “pedestals” and Diane went from one piece to another placing them on table tops and shelves until it was all out.  Once it was out I got into it.  Moving the pieces around until it looked just right.  By 1:oo we realized we were hungry and by 2:30 we were done.

I’ll go back tomorrow and tweak it some more, and put up labels and prices.  Then we’ll be ready for the weekend.

3 thoughts on “Hanging the Show

  1. The barn seems to have naturally wrapped its loving arms around the splashes of color from the fabrics and the pottery! What an exciting transformation!

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