A Wonderful Day

The first day of the Functional Art Show was wonderful.  During the reception, when Jon gave a talk and Mary Kellogg read her poetry, was the only time Diane and I got a break.   We actually had a line of people waiting to buy the art. My friend Margaret (with some help from my Mom, sister and niece) took care of the food for the reception.   Cider Donuts and Local Cheese from Gardenworks, homemade cookies and zucchini bread from Mary and Diane.   People came from all over the country and from Canada too.  I’m overwhelmed, such an affirming day for the  me, the artists, Jon,  and Bedlam Farm. Thanks to all who came and shared and all the good wishes from those of you who couldn’t make it.

21 thoughts on “A Wonderful Day

  1. Dear Maria and Jon – congratulations on a wonderful Pig Barn Art Show. We bought some potholders and earrings.
    We enjoyed Jon’s talk and Mary Kellogg’s poems (and cookies). Jon signed our books and let us feed and pet Simon.

    We met and chatted with many like-minded happy spirits drawn to the peaceful place called Bedlam Farm. Thank you for the opportunity to share this very special event with you on such a lovely day.
    The Scott Family: Mary, Ray, Rob, & Katharine.

  2. Looks simply wonderful and the weather, too.

    Someday I hope to make it one of your art shows/sales. In the meantime, I’m enjoying it vicariously through the blog posts and photos.

  3. Maria,sounds like this special weekend at the Pig Barn Gallery is a fantastic success. I’m so happy for you! Sorry I was unable to come. (Jon is the best PR agent you could ever have!!)

  4. Maria,
    Thank you for an energizing day at Pig Barn Gallery and Bedlam Farm. It was so much fun being a part of it all with my work. You and Diane were masterful with the installation and clerking! I had to restrain myself from snatching your work away from the crowd of happy visitors, but we’ll talk! xox

  5. Thanks to YOU, Maria, for posting pictures and descriptions of the show. It made me feel as though I was, in a small way, there. One day….one day…..

  6. I am so glad that so many have come to enjoy all the beautiful work of these artists and the serenity of the farm and the amazing heart of Maria, Jon, and Simon. Annie

  7. Hi Maria! What a phenom weekend! The weather, the art, the animals, the huge art community support! I’m so happy for you. I feel so blessed to have “Cowgirl Madonna”, it’s already on my bed (I will send a pic soon)!

    Just wanted to thank you and Jon for your creativity and opening your home and sharing your gifts. Wishing you both love & peace.


    P.S. What was the winning ticket # for the quilt??

  8. Hi. I was at the show yesterday and bought 2 adorable little pincushions and Mary Kellogg’s wonderful “My Place on Earth” – but wasn’t charged for the book. What do I owe and how can I pay? Sorry, I didn’t catch it, till I was looking at the receipt last night.
    Thanks, Sally
    PS – what a beautiful spot!!!

  9. Maria, I enjoyed your videos and pictures…it was a nice way to join in from afar – thank you for sharing! You are so brave and quite inspiring… Glad it was such a success!!!

  10. Thanks so much, Maria and Jon, for opening the farm and your wonderful art gallery to so many of us. I’m now enjoying your pretty potholder, a lovely little pin cushion, and Jon’s and Mary’s books. It was thrilling to meet you and Jon and see it all in person – the beauty is truly breathtaking – what a view from the farm! I was so moved to hear Simon bray in person and to touch him and feed him some horse cookies. And the 4 dogs – there they were just like their photos! It was a treat also to hear Jon’s talk and Mary’s poetry. Thank you for a very special and memorable day!

  11. Michael and I came down from Toronto and had the most wonderful time! Your show, place, atmosphere, people…EVERYTHING was magical!
    The weather, sunlight, leaves, views couldn’t have been better. We bought your Floating to Freedom streaming pillow, a potholder, cards and bee mug. Visited Gardenworks. Loved the area. Thank you for your openness, generosity and welcome! It was a special event and we are so glad to have been part of it!

  12. Really meant the YEAH!! You an Jon a team!! There is Bedlam on every Farm. An all there should be in the Limelight!! Teams are like the weather… didnt think it would rain today was fixin to cut the grass… ol well, defrosted the freezer…

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