Sunday at the Pig Barn Gallery

Mary Kellogg, Jon and Lenore

The second day of the Functional Art Show was calmer than the first.  Only 2 or 3 people ever had to wait in line to buy something.  Suzy Fatzinger showed up with her spinning wheel and spun her own roving from her own goat.  Mary Kellogg read a few more poems and Jon talked a bit about the farm and his work and of course the show.  I intended to take more pictures, but was just too busy.

We raised $750. for LABMED by raffling off Gretchen’s Black Lab Quilt.  The winner was Susan who came to the show with her mother all the way from Oregon.  Congratulations Susan!  It was another beautiful day with lovely people and even though lot of the work was sold on Saturday, we had extra stock to fill in the spaces.  Although if we had to do another day we may have been in trouble.  If you didn’t get to the show below is a video of what Sunday was like.  And you also get to see Suzy spinning.

The show was a great success in so many ways, and I thank you all for coming and being a part of it.

After the Show

(I sold out of potholders and pillows on Saturday, but I’ll be making more of both in the coming weeks.)

5 thoughts on “Sunday at the Pig Barn Gallery

  1. Hi there! I was so inspired by your functional art show. I loved the pillows, the pin cushions and many other things I saw in the photos and video. I’m on the west coast and would love an opportunity to buy things from you and the other artists. I find it beautiful that you and Jon share your lives, and just by example inspire others to look at things differently, do things differently, and to take life by the horns and live it the way you want to. Thanks for being open to us all.

  2. Thanks for sharing the video with Suzy spinning,I am and getting a nice feel about the gallery,and its lovely to hear the American accent 🙂 I will be interested in seeing the on line shop, would love to purchase something and have it sent to Australia. 🙂 Cheers!

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