Rearranging the Furniture

A couple of days ago I  heard someone on the radio say that one of the reasons there have been no great novels coming out of the United States in recent years is that writers are not taught to use their imaginations.  So when we checked into the first  hotel room on Jon’s book tour this afternoon, bored with what was in front of me, I decided to rearrange the furniture.    Looking at my drawings now, they don’t seem very imaginative, but it’s a start.

3 thoughts on “Rearranging the Furniture

  1. Hi Maria, It was so nice to see you again! I do so wish we would some day be able to sit,have tea and chat. I know we could have some great sharing and many laughs!
    OMG! These sketches are great(as usual.)When we check in to a room on our trips(next week’s road trip goal is New Orleans) I always have to re-arrange and make our nest. First is always putting the phone on the floor. Then turning around the annoying digital bedside clock. I make sure there is a lamp on my side of the bed to read by. And call me crazy…I always bring a 40watt bulb in my bag so the light is not too bright that Ron can’t sleep. Next a chair at the table is essential for my man to sit at. I’m a bed sitter. I always get the suitcase table for my stuff and then most importantly..pull the spread way down so I can fold the sheet over the top at our heads. No Hotel spreads for me. You just never know what’s gone on on them! We love coffee in the am so we have a travel set up which Ron does. He makes my coffee in the am. Crazy? Germaphobe? Oh well.We disassemble it all in the am and move on! It’s like a symphony we create.
    Thanks for all you’re doing for your fans Maria.It means so much.
    You write a mean blog. Take care, Cindy

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