Sue’s Photos

Sue and her Mom with Simon

I meant to take pictures of the show in the Pig Barn but I was so busy, I forgot all about it.  Also, I was using my iphone, which I use to take my pictures, to process the credit card sales.  But today, Sue, who won Gretchen’s quilt raffle, emailed some great photos of the show.  So here they are and thanks Sue.

Inside the gallery with the Black Lab Quilt that Sue won

Of course the show wasn’t just about art.  It was about Jon’s new book, Bedlam Farm and all the animals on it including Simon who was just a struggling donkey for the first show in June.  Now he’s healthy and happy with all his hair grown in and still thriving on all the attention.

Jon and Simon with visitors


  I love this  picture  Sue took  through the gallery window, of of my Mom, who is a regular at the shows, with Izzy and Lenore.


5 thoughts on “Sue’s Photos

  1. I especially love the photo of your Mom through the window. It feels like a photo that should be kept forever. I love windows (duh) and the time you have with your Mom is beautiful to me.

  2. Hi Maria from the land downunder
    Love the pictures Sue took, especially of Simon and also the one with your Mum (mom) and the dogs! I feel like I’ve visited the Pig Barn Art Gallery! 🙂

  3. I am so happy that the art show was a magnificent success!! These pics are wonderful, esp the one of your Mom, it feels as though it were taken in a different era. Thanks to Sue from Oregon!
    and how fitting that someone who travelled so far won the quilt raffle! Annie

  4. It’s always shocking (at least to me) to see photos such as these and realize just what a little guy Simon really is. So many of Jon’s photos–especially earlier ones–don’t often include humans, so there is no perspective, no scale. I don’t know why, but I always assumed that the donkeys were just a bit smaller than horses. Really, I guess they are just a bit bigger than dogs! Anyway, the photos are great; thanks for sharing them. (And thank Jon for including photos of “two asses in the road” and the like).

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