Cast Me Out and I Begin Again

  How good it felt to be back in the studio.  As I sat at my sewing machine the words popped into my head.  “Cast me out and I begin again”.    My first attempt at the pillow didn’t quite work.  It was the fabric more than anything, a dark green that just didn’t feel right.   The thread was too dark, the whole thing was too dark.  I looked at the pile of clothes I got at a thrift store last week and saw orange.   What a deal I got.  An  orange, extra large, floor length, cotton and linen dress for $3.99!  I’ll be using it for a while.  So I began again.  First the words, then the running woman, “Good bye Guilt”  streaming from her bellybutton.  Tears, ghosts, boats and pack animals.  Moving on.

I had to get it all done today to give to Diane for the Art in the Public Eye silent auction.  My pillow will be auctioned  with Jon’s new book Going Home: Finding Peace when Pets Die.  The fundraiser is this Saturday Oct 22nd from 7-10pm  in Glens Falls NY and there’s music and food and lots of other stuff.  You can check out the details at

I”ll be joining APE again this February for Gallery 99, which will be another weekend art show in one of the empty storefronts  in Glens Falls.  Something to look forward to in the cold and dark days of winter.

4 thoughts on “Cast Me Out and I Begin Again

  1. Wow, Maria! You’ve done it again. I love both the sentiments and artful design in “Cast Me Out and I Begin Again” — another amazing example of functional art and for a very worthy cause, too. HUBBA, HUBBA!

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