The Sheraton in Burlington Vermont

I was thinking about how last year when I went on the book tour with Jon I was very concerned about keeping my own sense of self.  I had specific plans to do yoga and draw and blog everyday.

This time, I’ve found that I’m not even thinking about it.  I don’t have to work at it, I’m just doing it.  I see things I want to draw.  I look forward to blogging and when we get to the hotel and I’m stiff from driving I drop right into a yoga routine.  And what’s not fun about driving around the northeast during leaf season,  discovering new towns and seeing new things.

I always seem to meet interesting people at Jon’s talks.  Some who I know from my blog but have never met and some who know me from Jon’s blog. Sometimes I sketch at the reading and sometimes I just listen and watch.  I watch Jon and the crowd and how they interact with each other.   Each reading is different and no matter how many times I hear it, I continue to be enchanted by the sound of Jon’s voice.


3 thoughts on “The Sheraton in Burlington Vermont

  1. I love both of your voices. I so enjoy hearing both of you on the little videos, and seeing you, of course. Annie

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