Dreams of Yellow Umbrellas

I went into studio this morning with plans of finishing this pillow which I started weeks ago.  It’s already sold and I needed to get it done before Jon and I go back on the book tour on Thursday.  But before working on this pillow I made another streaming piece to be made into a pillow.  I just couldn’t stop myself and it came together quickly.  I used the abandoned piece that I started last week with the words Cast me out and I begin again.  So I guess it’s Cast me out and I begin again and again.  Tomorrow I have plans to finish The Goddess of Goods.  Plans, plans, you’d think I’d learn, I guess I’ll  just wait and see what happens tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Dreams of Yellow Umbrellas

  1. Maria,

    It is so wonderful to have seen your first drawings you shared on your blog evolve to these wonderful pillows such as above. I love what you are creating!

    Connie Jones

    1. There’s a joke about that too, can’t quite remember it, but I think there’s a priest a rabbi and a…. like I said I can’t quite remember…

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