Scallops and Sea Creatures

   We’ve been staying at our friend Jan’s house on Martha’s Vineyard.  So this morning as the storm was clearing Jan suggested we go to the beach and collect  scallops, for dinner,  that had washed up on the shore.    Scallop hunting was new to me, but along with the scallops I found these gorgeous  shells and rocks,  covered with barnacles and trailing seaweed like magical sea creatures.    We took the bucket of scallops home and Jan showed me how to open and clean them.  I was surprised at how alive the scallops were.    One that was slightly open, slammed shut when I picked it up.  With the larger ones I could feel the muscles pulling the shells together as I slipped the knife between them to cut out the scallop.    And they were actually making noise in the bucket, opening and closing themselves and clanking against each other.      I couldn’t resist and asked Jan, “So, do you think Scallops grieve?”  Cleaning scallops is messy and tedious work. Now I understand why they are so expensive and will appreciate them even more than usual at dinner tonight.


8 thoughts on “Scallops and Sea Creatures

  1. Hi Maria,

    I loved, what you wrote and the pictures you took are soo cool. The “island” life is what I love
    about the beaches because you never never know what to expect to find and see. So much to take in!
    Glad you guys had fun. Made me smile.


  2. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that you arranged the shells and seaweed, etc. They all look like big pieces of hand-made jewelry. Thanks for posting them….really neat.

  3. How lovely the beach, to get the chance to enjoy it after the storm. We were in Jamaica quite a few yrs ago, after a fierce hurricane. If you looked hard enough there were tiny perfect conch shells on the beach, pink and yellow. I thought it must have been due to the strength of the storm – to have brought up such beautiful shells. Your shells look like mermaids.

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