So Much Fabric…..


clothes from dumptique

The sky was blue and the sun was warm, I opened the doors and windows in my studio and let the air in.  I pulled all the wilted morning glory vines that were growing around my windows off and tossed them in the compost.  I  composted the potted marigolds and geranium outside my door, that died in the snow.  I knew I wouldn’t get into the studio today, just one day home then back on the road tomorrow, but I wanted to visit it and somehow cleanse it so when I came back to it next week it would be new again.  A step towards shorter days, colder weather outside and  warm wood stoves inside.

Throughout the day I did my laundry, leaving the clothes to be made into quilts and pillows for last.  I got a big bag of clothes from Dumptique and some squares of fabric from a thrift store on Martha’s Vineyard. Dumptique is actually the town dump.  Some volunteers have made a building to house all the things people throw away that someone else might want.  I felt guilty filling up two bags with clothes, but was continually encouraged by the volunteers.  Even as I was there, bags of new clothes came in, there wasn’t enough room for them all.  I wanted to leave a donation, but it’s a dump, I was doing them a favor.  It was like a dream where you actually get to eat the ice cream cone before you wake up.

I got lots of corduroy (I wish the pink pants were my size)  and bright cotton tee shirts.  But I think the shoe potholders will be a good first project to come home too.  Small and quick, unless a streaming piece comes into my head and won’t let go, I’m helpless when that happens, and in between I can see myself laying the corduroy out on my floor working it’s way into a quilt.

So much fabric, so little time.

2 thoughts on “So Much Fabric…..

  1. The corduroy immediately made me think of the Gee’s Bend ladies – and I know they were inspirational to you. You’ll do the items from Dumptique justice by giving them new purpose – that’s donation enough!

    I love that you’re looking at preparations for spending time indoors working that was that you are – so often it seems easier to be upset or depressed in bad weather. A stitch in time, they say!

  2. That is so amazing to me, fabric that works its own way into a quilt! When the colors and the feel of the cloth speak so clearly, you really do know that you were born to be an artist. Annie

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