Limited Edition High Heel Potholders

What fun, I started making my High Heel Potholders today.  I have to admit, I wouldn’t wear any of these shoes (although I’ve worn similar ones in the past) but I love the way they look.  The great part is they are true to their nature,  most of them have sequins so they won’t make good working potholders.  But lets face it, these shoes are not made for walking, they’re made to look good.

The shirt the high heels came on was a small one so I’ll only be able to make about 20 potholders out of it.  I’ve already sold a few, so if you’re interested in a High Heel Potholder  just let me know.   You can email me at [email protected] or let me know in a comment.  They are $15 each including shipping.

14 thoughts on “Limited Edition High Heel Potholders

  1. Hi Maria! These pieces are so perky and fun – love the sequin departure!! I’ll beat you got a kick out of sewing this batch!!

  2. I want one, Maria! I will email you about payment; but just so you know!! Jon scooped you today so I first saw them on his blog this morning! When you bought that blouse, I thought you would make something wonderful out of it!

  3. I love these high heel potholders. What I love even more is the brighter, more colorful fabrics you have been using for some time now. You used to use darker, and what seemed to me, depressing fabrics. I tried to like your work back then but could not find a way to. I’m a traditional quilter so thought that was where my problem was. Your work has bloomed just as you have and I’m so happy for you.

  4. I wouldn’t wear them either but they are surprisingly appropriate in your artful hands! A sassy counter balance.

  5. Hi Maria – I want 2 of them. My new daughter-in-law, Emily, actually wears shoes like these.
    I gave her one of your potholders for her October birthday. She loved it.

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