No More Ladders I’ll Fly Up

Cast me out again and again.  I’ve found I have a pattern of starting a streaming pillow then half way through not liking it and beginning another with the same theme.  I started this one a couple of weeks ago then moved on to another.

But when I looked at it a week later, I liked what I saw. (I especially love the strange blue figure with her arms in the air,  flailing her head)  Maybe it was just my mood, at the time I felt it was too dark.   Maybe I was just too close to it.  Or maybe I just have to trust myself and the process more.  When I got back to work on this one,  I made it vibrate with the yellow thread, then I added the pink, to give it more depth.  The title “No More Ladders I’ll Fly Up” came about when a truck with a ladder sticking out the back of it drove past my studio.  The words just poured out.

“no more ladders I’ll fly up, cast me out and I begin again, miles of muck I’ll catch the sun, turn it around, keeping the faith, watch me walk”

No More Ladders is for sale.  It’s $75 + $10 shipping.  Just let me know on my comments or email me if you’re interested [email protected]


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