Night In My Studio

For the past few years, I’ve been complaining about the winter coming.    I feel like I’d like to skip late fall and all of winter and go right back to spring.  I just don’t like to be cold anymore.

But I  have always loved the change of seasons, I find it invigorating and inspiring.   So this year I decided instead  of complaining I’d think about what I like about the winter.   I didn’t always dread winter, I actually used to enjoy it.  I think it’s more the idea of winter that bothers me (and the cold).  When I think of snow, my mind starts to moan, but when it actually snows, I always find it beautiful and want to go for a walk with the dogs.  But it’s those cold and  cloudy days of November that really get me down,  except so far, we’ve had lots of sunshine and  even some very warm days, like today.

Then of course, there’s the long nights.   It’s dark at 4:30 and I want to go to bed by 8:00.  But yesterday I was in my studio and the sun was going down and soon it was brighter inside that out.  And I remembered how I love being in the studio at night.  There’s something cozy and cocoon-like about it especially when it’s cold outside and warm in.   And even though it’s not true , it feels as if I’m totally isolated and  the outside world can no longer interfere.  Even though it’s not the middle of the night when everyone else is sleeping, it feels like it is.  There’s something magical about it.  It’s a creative time.     When it’s dark is also when Mother, the barn cat, comes around.  She’s always right outside the door when I leave, meowing  to let me know she’s there.

So I’ll dress in layers  and welcome the winter.  A time to be inside and warm , doing lots of creative work.  And to be outside and warm, walking with the dogs in the snow with no thoughts of ticks. 

9 thoughts on “Night In My Studio

  1. What a lovely post! I enjoy the winter too, and tire of it by winter’s end, but I can relate to how enjoyable a quiet walk in a snowfall in the woods is. Thanks, Maria!

  2. HHHHOOOWWWWWWWLLL. It was the full moon photo.
    Great post, Maria. I grew up with snow and winters and felt the same way once it actually snowed.It’s the dreary run-up and early darkness that makes for complaining. But I bet this winter will be different with your new shift of focus.

  3. Winters are essential to the land and the species that live in winter zones. I always look at winter as a re-charging of nature. In addition the starkness gives me a blank slate to deep think and re-charge the here and now of my life.

    Nice that you have welcomed winter into your life with positive thoughts. I like your description of the coziness of your studio. Your photo of the studio at night exuded warmth. — barbara

    1. Even a better way to think about winter Barbara, it’s not just about me. I’ve learned in my yoga class when I’m holding a difficult pose I tell myself “this isn’t about me” and suddenly the struggle and pain goes away.

  4. Feel the same way about working in my tree house. There’s nothing like watching the dark descend, knowing you’re cocooned in a small space, watching the light spill out into the area around you, a radio tuned low and the fun fake fireplace glowing in the background. Love it. Of course, I could just as easily love it a little later in the day, not at the 4 pm time it gets dark now.

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