Izzy, blocking the draft

Izzy loves to sit right behind my chair in the studio.  He lays by my scrap bucket while I’m working and gets covered in the fabric that misses the bucket.  Sometimes he tries to lay under the desk, but there just isn’t room enough for both of us there.   Yesterday, as I rolled my chair back, I almost ran him over.  Unlike Frieda, who stays in her crate or in front of the fire, Izzy likes to be close.  I think he wants to be in the middle of the action.  There usually comes a point in the day, after I’ve tripped over him a few times, that I make him lay in his other favorite spot by the door.   Here he catches the cold air coming in under the door, cooling him off and blocking the draft for me.

4 thoughts on “Izzy, blocking the draft

  1. Izzy loves you Maria.What a great blog today.
    I love the moccasins in the corner! Shoes on the ground so frequently appear in your pics. I think maybe it’s a God thing! I think he/she is reminding you that it’s ok. At last, you are grounded. (I know that I’ve gotten that message before.)

  2. I do honestly believe that’s no coincidence that you found material with all those shoes. I do believe they’re saying the same.

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