My Fantasy Sunday


A spider made a web between my shoes last night

Throughout my life I’ve had a fantasy about Sundays that they should be relaxing.   The day when you can stay home and read, or go to lunch and have a glass of white wine (for some reason it’s always white wine)  or just lounge around in the sun like a cat.   For most of my life I’ve worked on the weekends and when I wasn’t working I was too anxious to just relax in my own home.

But today was as close to that fantasy as I’ve ever come.   I slept late, read my book in bed, sat in the sun with Jon, the donkeys, cats and chickens,  had lunch on the road from the Co-op in Cambridge (no white wine), and visited Gretchen’s new litter of puppies.   Not the Sunday I fantasized about, but a lovely one that I never even imagined.  I’ve heard that a person has to be able to imagine something before it can happen.  Perhaps one day I’ll get my Fantasy Sunday, but I’m grateful for today and that I kept open the possibility of what could happen.

Jon with one of the puppies


16 thoughts on “My Fantasy Sunday

  1. Hi Maria – too cute ( the puppy). No offense to Jon.
    My daughter & I also had lunch in Cambridge today. Sitting outside of the Farmer’s Market , we dined on
    Mac & Cheese in the company of our 2 Labs, Choco & Grace.
    p.s. they sell wine.

  2. Both your “Fantasy Sunday” and the Sunday that actually happened, sound great to me! I think you may have gotten the best of both worlds.

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