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A detail of "Confident Dust" one of my first quilts (Photo by Jon)

So now Jon’s book tour really is over, this afternoon was his final talk at Adirondack Community College (where Freida was found by the SPCA many years ago)  I’m thinking about what’s next.

I’ll be making more Streaming Pillows and potholder and I can’t wait to get started on a new quilt.  I haven’t made a quilt since before the show in  the Pig Barn Gallery in October.  I have a few orders to fill, promises of pillows and potholders.  This week  I’ll be putting a couple of pillows and potholders in  the gift shop at Samantha’s, a cafe in Glens Falls owned by the women who run Art in the Public Eye.   Diane Swanson APE and I are talking about the next Gallery 99 show which will take place in Glens Falls in the beginning of February.  Diane is scouting out the store front this week.  We’re also talking about the Pig Barn Galleries first Online Show, coming this spring.

Well, that enough for now I guess, on my way to yoga to be in the moment and not thinking about what’s next.  (There’s the whole car ride there and back to do that)


9 thoughts on “What’s Next

  1. Hi Maria,

    I hope to make the Gallery 99 in February, going to “the Keys” that month also…in the meantime, I love this quilt! Didn’t realize until you posted this pic ;0) Is it still for sale? If so, please send details, I would like to purchase it!

    Have a beautiful day!


  2. Interesting name for this quilt (Confident Dust). Would you be willing to share the meaning of it? Love the warm colors and antique feel of this.

    1. Sure Suzanne, I was thinking about closed up rooms and houses. How the dust in such neglected places knows it will not be disturbed. It take over everything almost as if it’s a living entity. I thought over time the dust must become so sure of itself.

    I am pleased beyond words
    With the ‘Goddess of Goods’
    Vibrant,alive,yellow and red,
    Much like the artist who paints with her thread.

    While my home is quite humble
    It’s impossible to dismiss
    How abundantly enriched
    With a treasure like this!

    Many, many thanks, Maria.

  4. Wow, Maria, read your meaning of “Confident Dust.” What I can see of this quilt, you captured it perfectly! I KNEW it had an antique feel to it, and I love your meaning!

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