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I finally finished Queen of my own heart.  I’ll be taking it, Anointing the Goddess and some potholders to Samantha’s, the cafe in Glens Falls tomorrow.

I like having my work in places other than my blog.  I sell most of my work online but, exposure is always good and I like connecting to the  local art community. I’ve never been one to join clubs, or groups.   I’ve tried many times in my life and it never seems to work.  But I like the idea of community and maybe I’m just learning how to do it in a way that works for me and them.

I also like the idea of artists coming together and  supporting each other.  Liz and Jennifer, who just bought Samantha’s, practically run Art in the Public Eye.  They volunteer just like everyone else in the organization, so they’re pretty busy right now.   I’m looking forward to see what else they have in the gift shop, an maybe I’ll stop in Finders Keepers, the thrift store  upstairs from the cafe, and see if they have anymore interesting clothes that would make good potholders.  (that’s were  I found the high heel shoe shirt)

“Queen of my own heart, time for something new, buy your pie, wedded to the earth, trusting the flow, fear becomes known, stay on the path”

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    1. Hey Cathy, This is one of the pillow that is at Samantha’s gift shop in Glens Falls. If it doesn’t sell there I’ll be putting it back online. Thanks for the compliment.

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