Plaid Friday, Free Potholders

Plaid Friday Potholders

Have you heard about Plaid Friday?  I went into Battenkill Books to get a Christiane Northrup book on Menopause and Connie, the owner,  told me how Black Friday (you know the big shopping day after Thanksgiving) has become Plaid Friday for independent stores and artists.  The idea is to get people thinking about and buying locally instead of in the big chain stores.

Driving has always been a great thinking time for me and on the way home, my brain was buzzing. I couldn’t stop thinking that there was whole week before Plaid Friday, and I wanted to be a part of it.

So, next Friday, November 25th, the day after Thanksgiving, traditionally known as Black Friday, untraditionally and independently known as Plaid Friday, I’ll be selling 25 (for November 25th) potholders all with plaid backs.    Whoever places the 1st, 12th and 22th order will get a free potholder.  You can buy as many potholders as you like until they run out.  If you buy 2 or more potholders and one or them  is the 12th or 22nd order, you get that potholder free.  I’ll sell them until there are no more left. I’ll start taking email orders at 12:01 AM on the morning of Friday, November 25th.    (For those of you who stay up late or can’t sleep, I’ll be in dreamland myself).  My potholders are $15 each including shipping.

Now, this is exciting, I can’t wait to see what happens. I know what I’ll be doing the three days before Thanksgiving,  scouring  thrift stores for plaids and making potholders.



6 thoughts on “Plaid Friday, Free Potholders

  1. Sweet, sweet idea! Occupy (and buy!) from local businesses; leave the big-box chain stores wondering where they went wrong….I love plaid.

  2. Here in New Hampshire, we are hosting something called ‘Buy Local Saturday’ for the day after ‘Black Friday’. I personally try my hardest to shop from our local shops whenever I can…. but am very excited for the 26th of November to do my part; and hope others will feel the same passion to support all of the hardworking local entrepreneurs.

  3. Fabulous idea! Your creative spark has moved me…I will only shop @ the lovely little shops I’ve coveted throughout the years next Friday! Thank you Maria! Once again you have inspired me….

  4. If all your plaid potholders are as beautiful as these two, they’ll be sold before noon on Plaid Friday! Thanks for a different view of that shopping day. I’ve hated how it eclipses Thanksgiving in our society. Annie

  5. Oops! My reading comprehension was faulty! You said plaid backs, this is obviously one lovely potholder, front and back, not two. Sorry, Annie

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