Doing The Souls Work

There is one common thread that I’ve noticed in spiritual leaders that I admire, and that is their ability to laugh and smile…a lot.

When I look at my latest Streaming Pillow called Doing the Souls Work it seems to me to be laughing.  It’s loaded with bright colors and  animals, a dancing girl with her arms in the air and a bent over figure that seems to me to be in a trance.  There’s something playful about it although I don’t really remember making it or know what I was thinking at the time.  When I look at it now and read the words, it seems fun and magical, but with a strong message to create your own life and laugh while you’re doing it.

“Doing the souls work, calling on the wonders, laughing at life, painting my soul, spinning the future, magic in their footsteps”

The streaming piece measures about 12″x 16″ and the full size is 22″ x 27″.  It’s $75 + $10 shipping.  And it’s now SOLD.

The back of Doing the Souls Work

Thanks  again to every one who bought (or tried to buy) a Plaid Friday potholder.  The contest winners are:  Susan Popper, Mary Scott and Terri Brown.  Congratulations!

12 thoughts on “Doing The Souls Work

  1. Maria, I so enjoyed learning I was a plaid Friday winner! Much better than getting knocked down in a crowd of over zealous consumers! Thank you…

  2. I want to share with you a wonderful exhibition I saw this weekend, which parallels your work from the opposite side of the world and a different era. The exhibit was up through November and ended today.

    I don’t know if the page will be up for long, but it describes the art of “Mottainai” which is Japanese clothing made artfully from old fabrics and scraps. The form arose from function, from the necessity of making do with very little. The pieces are wonderful; they came from a gallery in Kyoto and a small collection in Brooklyn called Sri, run by Stephen Szczepanek (suh-PAN-eck). Check it out; I think you will enjoy it.

  3. Hi, Maria, I’m so glad you were able to access the link. I love that 3-bean measurement too; so old-fashioned, practical & charming.

    I have this fantasy that you will someday be able to see some of the pieces from this exhibition at their home base in Brooklyn. They are so evocative of the times and place that they are from; and they have that quality of art that makes you feel like the maker is very close, that you could touch the piece and connect with the person behind the work. I love fiber arts partly because I get that feeling more from fabrics and weaving than I do from painting, sculpture, etc. I also think you would like them because they involve a lot of quilting.

    Love the streaming pillows! I’ll have to save my pennies — maybe for my birthday in February! Your creativity is such an inspiration.

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