Two New Streaming Pillows


This morning I got the streaming pillow urge and started working on Goddess of Moonlight.  This one is already sold and I can see I’ve been influenced by my tarot card reading yesterday. Not by what was said, but by the images on the cards.  I’m new to Tarot and intrigued by the imagery and symbolism.

I also finished another pillow  In the Garden (which is sold).  The day  before I  made it I was listening to Van Morrison (In the Garden)  and an interview with Avivah Zornberg and her translations of Noah’s Ark and Adam and Eve.  They  resonated with me having little to do with  how I originally learned the stories and their meanings.    

“Self is found hidden in pockets of light, in the garden,desire makes us human, tears become birds”

8 thoughts on “Two New Streaming Pillows

  1. I have been having Tarot readings from a gifted woman for 25 years, who has also become a dear friend. I, too, have always been fascinated by the cards and the symbology of the artwork upon them. My very favorite card, in both the artwork and the message, is The Hermit….very plain, very simple, but it always speaks to me.

    Your Tarot pillow is extraordinary. I really love your work, Maria.

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