Izzy’s sweet face

So often, when I’m working in my studio, at my sewing machine or computer, I feel a presence besides me.  I look down, and this is what I see…  Izzy’s sweet face looking up at me.  I scratch him a bit or give him a kiss on his head then tell him to lay down.  If I don’t he’ll stay there all day, with his head on my knee.  Eventually, he’ll settle down for a while, moving from place to place.  Blocking the draft  that comes in under the front doors,  against the wall where I hang the quilts I’m working on or behind my chair, just far enough away not to get run over.

Izzy always does the same thing when he comes to the studio.  First he pees on the mailbox then he sniffs at the wood pile then comes inside and waits for a treat.  He settles in for a while and I forget about him until I get get that feeling of being watched and look down to see him looking up.  It’s not always a welcomed interruption, but he always wins me over.  I’m beginning to think that maybe he knows something I don’t, like when I need a little break and we both need a bit of love.

9 thoughts on “Izzy’s sweet face

  1. Izzy is so special! It was sweet to read Jon’s account of him speaking for the group in the Thanksgiving animal communication. Such a sensitive soul! I have always been intrigued with his talent for picking up on what people need and connecting with them. That’s a cute picture, too; his trimmed ears make him look like a youngster.

  2. What better reason to take a break than for a few seconds of kissing sweet Izzy’s head. To me, a moment with an animal is as good as a week at a retreat.

  3. Maria, your way with animals is such a beautiful thing, and how they love you back! Knowing how private a person you are makes me value all the more those videos of the hens following you everywhere . Annie

  4. Izzy just loves you Maria! I think watching over you is part of his job on the Farm. I love that scratching a dog or kissing his head gets our endorphins flowing.(instant exercise!)

  5. I had only thought of Jon and Izzy but as I see he and you had a very special relationship…. as you said there are no words.
    I am sorry for your loss… the memories will remain…

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