My Body is Holy

I’m thinking of the body as a holy vessel.  Something to be honored and cared for, not in the way of someone elses idea of beauty but as something sacred.  I often either take my body for granted, or judge it for the things about it that seem imperfect to me.

This past year I started getting regular massages for the first time in my life.  At first I was embarrassed about it, as if it was something only rich people do.  During my first massage I felt guilty just lying there as if I should be participating in some way, but of course, I was participating.  Sometimes to “do nothing” is the hardest thing to do.

Over the past few months, I’ve come to see massage as less about the  physical body and more about the spiritual body.  I’m not really sure what this means.  I’ve had some powerful visions during massage (my streaming pillow Anointing the Goddess came from one) and have come to feel more worthy and like myself better  because of it.  Maybe it has to do with our connection to all living things.  Don’t we have to love ourselves before we can love another?

I made My Body is Holy after I had a massage last week.  I’m not sure where this is going, but I intend to continue on the path and find out.

16 thoughts on “My Body is Holy

  1. Dear Maria,
    I’m so glad to hear this, its very affirming for me! I had a wake up call at my doctors recently regarding my unhealthy eating, weight gain, cholesterol & blood pressure so I’ve been eating my veggies & fruit again already down 2 pounds & feeling healthier in my soul because I am loving myself! I would love to buy this pillow when finished!?

    Love & Peace,

    1. Good for you Sandy, I guess that’s how loving yourself works. And I’ll finish the pillow this week. It’s $75 + $10 shipping. I’ll email you with the other details. Thanks

  2. This is just a lovely streaming piece. I think one of my favorites you’ve done. That “body thing” does rear it’s ugly head now and then. I try and bless my body ,mind and spirit each day.
    I too recently had my first massage ever. It took courage (body stuff)but I adored it. What a meditation. Can’t wait to go back! Hey,maybe a great gift to ask Santa for.
    I love your blog Maria. 🙂

  3. quite often honoring our body only comes to we women late in life after many, many struggles. would that the young ones could heed our advice and be spared our sufferings. altho maybe it is the living that teaches us to do the honoring……

    1. I think it’s true Mary, we all have to come to it in our own way, although wouldn’t it be nice to have someone you trust to pass on such information.

  4. Maria — Very thoughtful post. I have never had a massage but do have practices that are perhaps similar. One is taking time everyday to practice some solitude usually out with nature. For me, it illuminates the goodness of the mind-body-oneness connection.– barbara

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