Bugs or Happy Cats, What’d ya think?


I’m having a hard time deciding which fabric to use for my next batch of potholders.  It’s either bugs


or Happy Cats

Happy Cats

The bug material is new (to me anyway).  It’s actually a shirt  my friend Nancy (who happens to be giving away a pair of her lampwork bead earrings on her website) gave me.  It’s really fun and I knew it would make great potholders the minute I saw it.

The Happy Cat fabric I’ve had for a while.   There are probably a few of you who have a Happy Cat Potholder already.  I only have a small piece left and there’s a part of me that wants to save it, but honestly, I don’t know what I’m saving it for.

Maybe I’ll wake up in the morning and know exactly what to do, maybe not.  So if anyone out there has an opinion about bugs or Happy Cats , please express it here.  I could use the help.  Thanks.


19 thoughts on “Bugs or Happy Cats, What’d ya think?

  1. Definitely on board with the “Happy Cats” …and even if you don’t have enough for a potholder, I’d take it as a coaster or anything else that your always creative mind comes up with!

  2. Maria – I’d go with the happy cats. I just saw the picture of you on the farm journal holding Minnie and she is definitely one happy cat!

  3. Go with the cats! I can truly relate to saving “favorite” fabric for something in the future – but – I am now trying to move past that and use my favorites! I just did that with a christmas stocking I am making as a gift and I’m glad I did as I really like it! Gretchen

  4. Now here comes the Libra in me, I like them both, they bring a smile to my face! What about a potholder with both!

  5. I love the bug fabric ,but since you only have a small piece of the cats why not simply make two potholders ,they are lovely and seem to be very popular with your customers.

  6. I’m a cat-person so I would choose the Happy cat fabric. But then again; for me it would also depend on what fabrics will be it’s companions on the finished product. The bugs are lovely too. So there you have it and I guess you didn’t get any wiser with my opinion?
    Take care

  7. So, why can’t you use both but not in the same potholders? They are both so colorful and happy … and right now we could all use some laughter. Some buyers will only want happy cats and some will only want bugs. I love them both!!!

  8. I love both patterns, Maria. They are whimsical and fun! A cat is always, as da Vinci said, a masterpiece. Insects and their loveliness are, in my humble opinion, underrated. I could easily spend hours in the garden, watching the workings of all kinds of bugs. It’s so dang cold outside and here I sit, conjuring up a warm summertime vision of butterflies and beetles.

  9. Go for the bugs! There something new and fresh about them.
    I love the colors in the fabric too. There kind of making me feel all wiggly as I sit here type this. 🙂

  10. Your pink and green bag for my daughter Chloe featured this ‘monkey’ cat. Very fun design! I vote for the
    C – A – T!!

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