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Potholder Goddess says Buy Your Pie

I usually don’t work on Sundays, but I’ve been thinking about making streaming goddess potholders for a long time, and today well… it just happened.  Potholder Goddess Says Buy Your Pie is my first one.  I made it and Goddess of Pies Loves All Crusts  as gifts.  But I liked making them and I think they came out pretty good for the first ones.

I wanted my first goddess Potholder to be saying Buy your pie (appropriate for the holidays)  and without thinking about it I found myself dressing her in a loose fitting gown and bare feet.  Of course, I thought afterwards, she’s still in her pajamas,  relaxing because she doesn’t have to make the pie.

Goddess of Pies Loves All Crusts, comes from a pie crust conversation with my Aunt.  She was saying that she had a hard time making a nice looking pie crust and I was insisting that it doesn’t matter what it looks like as long as it tastes good.  I know my philosophy wouldn’t go over well at the County Fair, and I do appreciate a beautiful pie crust, but I guess it just doesn’t really matter that much to me.  Anyway, the Goddess of Pies seems to agree with me.

I’ll be making more Goddess  Potholders after the New Year.  My mind is already  buzzing……..

11 thoughts on “Everyday Goddess Potholders

  1. These potholders are beautiful! I especially like the “Loves All Crusts” and would love to buy a couple of these!

    Gorgeous work!


  2. naturally, one gets beautiful looking crust at restaurants but many times it tastes like cardboard. Give me a great tasting crust any day:-)
    love your goddess; someone needs to write an ode to the goddes of potholders

  3. So fun, Maria. In fact, I just got back into making pastry and pies.
    Have a great Christmas on the farm with Jon. Lucky recipient of your potholders. Maybe they will help take a pie from the oven! Peg

  4. I love the Goddess of Pies-Loves All Crusts. My friend Maggie Sacks owns a catering business (Newberry Hall) and she is the baker of fabulous apple pies. I would love to buy one for her when you have them available. Great job!
    Sandy Tucker

  5. Hi Maria, Loving those cute shoes on the pie Goddess. I’m seeing them in red.
    Love also that you put the Sharpee away and proudly stitch your custom trademark MW into each piece.You’re totally going for it.Lips to the wind!
    You’re in our Christmas thoughts. We wish all of you and sweet spirit Rose a wonderful Holiday. 🙂

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