A New Sweater and Lunch with a Friend

Sweater from Finders Keepers, this one's for me to wear

When I first quit my part time job at the beginning of the year, I had many fears.  One of them was that I would be in the studio 5 days a week all day  and loose contact with the  outside world.  Like the rest of my fears, this has not happened.  Actually just the opposite did.  I find that I’m able to spend my time in ways that is more productive,  fulfilling and meaningful.  I’ve been able to participate in local shows like Gallery 99 in Glens Falls, I started the Pig Barn Gallery on the farm and I’ve made new friends.

And what a simple pleasure it is to be able to leave the studio for a few hours, drive into town,  shop at the  Finders Keepers (where I didn’t find anything for my work, but got a couple of nice sweaters and a pair of jeans for myself) and have lunch with a friend. This is something that’s been missing in my life in the past few years, and I’m grateful to have it once again.

10 thoughts on “A New Sweater and Lunch with a Friend

  1. That’s really lovely! We women need to treat ourselves from time to time. Looks like Mother of Pearl buttons on the sweater. Looking at the photos from Finders, I must say you are so lucky to be able to shop there. I am enjoying all the colors in the photos.

  2. Hi Maria,

    Pretty cool looking sweater. I am glad you spoiled yourself at Finders Keepers.
    You do so much for others and are a giver. It’s it o.k. to treat yourself to something once
    in a blue moon. I love days like that, where you have one mind set to find something that your
    looking for and come away with something unexpected.
    I must say I always thought you have the coolest style in dressing because everything looks
    so comfy on you!
    Have a wonderful hoilday.


  3. Very pretty sweater Maria,it will bring out your eyes! I received my pillow today – so beautiful!!!!!! Of course Abby had to smell it for about 5 minutes then I was able to sit and relax with it for a while, love the colors, the meaning, the feel of the fabric and of course the beautiful flowers you chose for the backing. Merry Christmas to you and Jon and all the family 2 & 4 legs! Talk to you in 2012!

  4. The sweater is so “you,” classy but comfy. Lunch with friends and resale shops…. the greatest of pleasures, rejuvenating. And necessary.

    Wishing you and Jon a joyful and peaceful holiday,Brooklyn sounds like such a fun escape.

  5. I like that statement – “like the rest of my fears, this has not happened”…. and so true – often it really is the opposite. Lovely find, I love cardigans.

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