A Sweet and Peaceful Holiday

My Aunt sent me a wind-up Santa and Snowman and  when I saw that Izzy was interested I just couldn’t resist.  Then I thought to introduce them to the other animals on the farm.  They weren’t as intrigued as Izzy, (the donkeys wouldn’t get anywhere near them) but… well, see for yourself….

Jon and I will be spending Christmas in Brooklyn visiting Jon’s daughter.  I’m leaving the computer home and will be back on Monday.  Wishing you all a sweet and peaceful Holiday.

11 thoughts on “A Sweet and Peaceful Holiday

  1. That was great – loved the reaction of the hens – you could almost hear their comments! You are too funny! Have a wonderful holiday!

  2. This really made me laugh! I am so glad I can get right to your blog from the new BF website! Have a wonderful time in Brooklyn! I’m giving my husband a copy of Em’s book for Christmas! Happy Holidays to you and Jon! ~Robin

  3. So funny to see the herding breed (Izzy) and retriever (Lenore) dogs’ reactions. The retriever watching the toy, waiting for it to stop moving, and the herder chasing and grabbing it while it’s still in motion. I hope/assume Izzy let it go eventually!

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