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So, for Thanksgiving Jon gave me a necklace with the letters of my name on it.  Only the place he got it from was backordered on a couple of letters.  What I got was an I an A and an M.  Sure it’s spells Mia, which my neices and nephew call me but…it also spells I AM.  Wow, I thought, I like that.  I’ve since gotten the rest of the letters to spell MARIA, but I haven’t put them on the chain.  I like I AM too much.

I know these words have power, I suppose it’s in the affirmation of being, but I still don’t exactly get it.  I just know how it makes me feel.  A bit like a super hero,  powerful in my existence and in who I am as an individual and in my connection to all beings.

So that’s how this pillow came about.  I have to admit the colors in my photo aren’t completely accurate. (sorry)  But it was the best I could do.   The thread is purple as is the velvet surrounding it.  (It looks like blue in the photo and the thread looks brown!)

“I Am, I am what I need, I offer what I have, rooted in eternity, the tortoise is my guide, loss brings hope and fields of gold, plant my feet in the earth, bring me home safely,  ”

I Am is Sold.

And check out cheryl-by-the sea’s potholder poem on my comments from yesterdays post, it’s pretty clever.


9 thoughts on “I Am

  1. I want this pillow, Maria. It’s lovely and life-affirming and your words are magically expressive to me. Purple is my favorite color so thanks for clarifying the colors.

  2. Maria,
    I love what you are doing with these pillows. They tell great stories. Interesting how the “I am” came about… You “are” and so is Jon. The process has been fun to watch. Happy New Year to both of you…your trip to Brooklyn looked fun and Jon posted some amazing photos too. Loved the “art” that you captured.

  3. LOve your I AM pillow. It makes me happy just looking at it! Keep up the good, creative work. Happy New Year!


  4. I have always believed that the best creations are born of some type of mistake. All of my creative work that is “great” had some component of error or mistake – or if you look at it another way, flexibility to bend to “what is” and embrace it. You embraced “I AM” and what a wonderful result! Great work, Maria.

  5. I love what you have been doing with the potholders and pillows. They are almost too nice to put your head on or cook with!

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