Goddess Potholders Sold Out

Everyday Goddess says I Love My Body SOLD

Well, I got my sewing machine back to day and had a lovely conversation about it with the woman who fixed it for me.  It was the same woman I labeled “nasty” yesterday.  She was smiling and helpful and I look forward to seeing her the next time I get my machine cleaned.  I guess Mary’s little experiment worked.

Goddess of Perimenopause says Do it Yourself SOLD

I got home and was so excited to have my machine back I made three more goddess potholders.


Goddess of Light Trusts her Heart SOLD

These are For Sale  (unless they say SOLD)  and are $20 each plus shipping.

Everyday Goddess I love my body SOLD

If you’re interested just email me at [email protected] or go to Contact Me  and let me know which one you’re interested in.

Kitchen Gadget Goddess say Fight for your whisk SOLD


Everyday Goddess Move your shoes! SOLD


Goddess of perimenopause says find your wings SOLD





5 thoughts on “Goddess Potholders Sold Out

  1. i thought this would be my magic moment…three of those Goddess potholders spoke to me…I sprinted over from Facebook and those three are already sold. I’m glad your art is out and living in the world. I’m sure those potholders are going to homes where they will be loved and cherished.

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