Feed The Lion, Know Your Strength

Feed the Lion is the pillow with the dancing ladies on it.  I went through a range of emotions while I was working on it and ended up remembering my strengths by the time I was done.  I had a long, hard time coming up with the border colors too, but once I got them I was very happy with how it tuned out.  I wondered why I hadn’t used the sage green with the pink sooner.  I have a feeling these colors and and the dancing ladies will appear again.

“Feed the Lion know your strength, trust the moon,  tears in a bucket sorrow unseen, beauty and sunlight golden aura, sprout from my being the light I seek, new moon show me the way”

Feed the Lion is Sold.


11 thoughts on “Feed The Lion, Know Your Strength

  1. Maria,
    You are on one spectacular roll with your work. I absolutely love what you are doing with that sewing machine. It must be hard to keep up with the demand.

    I have a feeling you will be moving in the next few months and look forward to being introduced to the new Bedlam Farm. It sure is nice to see you and Jon so happy.

  2. Wow, your camera really does change the colors — the “sage green” must be what looks true blue on my computer — unless it’s my computer doing the changing! It’s still a beautiful combo though!

  3. Love the colors. The Happy Cat potholder arrived in the mail today! It is now on it’s way to my friend, Mary in PA. I know she is just going to love it. You do beautiful work, Maria.

  4. Someday, Maria, you will have to have a gallery showing of your pillows that you’ve made and sold. All the pillow owners can bring their pillows and line them up to show a progression of your life stages and the steps you went through during your growth. All of us who have your pillows are each holding a reflected piece of your personal evolution. Awesome thought……

  5. Re: your wondering why you hadn’t thought of using the sage green with the pink before: Maybe way,way down deep in your subconscious you remember a year or so ago when your Jon said he didn’t particularly think that pink went with green!I remember! It was around Easter.

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