Goddess of ….something?

So I’m working on a streaming pillow and I need a piece of blue fabric for the border.  I pull this crumpled piece of fabric out of my box of blues and start to iron it. It’s been in a tight ball for so long I have to spray it to get the wrinkles out.  And as it’s  getting flatter, I see a figure emerge.

The half head is suggestive of something unseen rather than something missing.  The posture, why she looks like the Statue of Liberty!  One arm is missing like a statue of an ancient Greek Goddess.  And the other arm, well of course it doesn’t make sense, after all, it’s just a piece of fabric. What’s left after someone laid out and cut a pattern from it.  But it’s more than that, I mean, it has personality… to me anyway.

My whole life I’ve seen faces and figures in patterns on fabric and furniture, in nature.  The girl with the big head in the marble bathroom tile, you know, the duck in the cloud.  This is no different, except, there’s something striking about this one.  It’s true, after taking her picture,  I cut her up for the border of the pillow.  But I have a feeling she’s going to stay with me, maybe come out when I least expect it, in a pillow or potholder.

11 thoughts on “Goddess of ….something?

  1. When I opened your post and saw the cloth before the words I immediately thought of the Statue of Liberty. For me, the immediate meaning of the arm missing was that our country is losing its grip in all ways. This was just my spur of the moment thoughts. — barbara

  2. I so love the fact that someone else sees things in unusual places.
    My bathroom tile sports a donkey, a man and woman about to kiss, and a dog
    looking towards heaven. I am so lucky to see them. I love your blog
    and your creativity.

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