Vacation Time! I’ll be back on Thursday

Getting ready for Gallery 99

Yeah! Vacation,  a little business, but mostly vacation.  Jon and I are going to Florida tomorrow for five days.  He’ll give a talk about his book Going Home Finding Peace When Pets Die  on Saturday night at the Veterinary Convention, then we’re off to Disney.  It’s been a mild winter here, but I’m still looking forward to the sunshine, 70 degree weather and It’s A Small World, which  always makes me feel like I’ve walked into a children’s book.

When we get back I’ll be focusing on the next Gallery 99.   I’m planning on making some  potholders and small streaming wall hangings.  I did the  practice piece above to see how the size would work out.  It’s about 9 x 11 and I think a central image and one phrase will work well.  I like the dancing ladies so I think I’ll use them.

Diane Swanson and I will be hanging the show at The M Dolan Jr Building, 3 Broad St in Glens Falls NY on the 31st.  The show will run for 3 days Thursday, February 2nd thru Saturday the 4th.   Some of the artist from the last Pig Barn Gallery exhibit will be there including, Diane, Nancy Bariluk-Smith, Chung-Ah Park, Robin Blakney-Carlson and Jon.

So I’ll be busy when we get back, but for the next five days……rest and sunshine!  See you all Thursday…

11 thoughts on “Vacation Time! I’ll be back on Thursday

  1. Hey Maria, Have a blast!!! Vacations are the best! Have fun and love with your Jon and Mickey!
    Perfect timing for a warm get away. Your blog will be missed,

  2. You and Jon enjoy your vacation. Much needed, I am sure. You two keep so busy. I’ll be looking forward to seeing the pictures and hear the stories that Jon and you will share about your adventure.

  3. The computer has been down for several days, so I just got the chance to catch up on all your poetic postings! Thanks so much, Maria for sharing such thoughtful insights on a daily basis. I love the “I love my body” theme potholders, and have a wonderful mini vacation!! Annie

  4. Hope you’re having a fabulously warm time. Oh, how I envy the sun and warmth, even for just a few days! Enjoy! ~Robin

  5. Have fun, Maria, and enjoy the sunshine. I love Small World also, it’s my favorite at Disney. It’s the joke in the family, as I dragged my kids through it even as teenagers, and now sing “Small World” to my grandchildren at night, when I am with them.

  6. Hi friend..glad I finally stumbled on your Facebook page. This is the 10 days too early happy birthday!!Hope you guys are having a great time.

  7. Hi Maria,
    Hope your vacation was restorative and fun. I love the streaming piece in this post. It reminds me of a song lyric, “take me home tonight, I don’t want to let you go till we see the light”. That’s all I can remember, but the tune is in my head and I can just put your words to that tune. I wondered if it is for sale or is this a piece for your Gallery 99 show. I would be interested in purchasing it, let me know.

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