Tears Turn to Steam

This is it, my first piece for the Gallery 99 show next weekend.  That means I have to make all the rest of the pieces between now and next Tuesday when Diane and I hang the show.  But I confident about what I’m doing now.  Originally I thought of having a central image, but it somehow didn’t feel right to me.  The size throws the whole thing off somehow.  This piece is about 12″x 15″.  I think because of the limited space and the size of the images they relate to each other differently than on a larger piece where some of the pictures get lost.  Here they are all of the same importance so they effect each other more directly.  This piece seems to me to tell a story without a linear narrative.

When I finished it and looked at it I was struck by a memory of being in music class in junior high school.  It was the first warm spring day and I was standing by an open window feeling and smelling the warm spring air.  And I just wanted to run out of the class room and keep going, I felt like a Monarch Butterfly feeling the call to migrate.  I think it’s the story of escaping to myself.

The words are “tears turn to stream when the teapot screams, my work is divine.”

The Gallery 99 reception is next Thursday February 2nd, from 5-8pm.  I’ll be there and working the rest of the show too.  It’s   Friday the 3rd it’s from 9am – 8pm and Saturday the 4th from noon to 6pm.  This Gallery 99 is in the M Dolan Jr. Building 3 Broad St Glens Falls NY  12801.  Check out my Events page for more information about Gallery 99.

One thought on “Tears Turn to Steam

  1. I live in one of the few areas graced by the Monarch migration. They are here now, on their way to Central America. Not quite a spring resemblance but the work is definitely DIVINE!
    If you need another addition to your bucket list, check out the elephant seal migration along the Pacific coast. It’s the most intense piece of nature you’ll ever see, especially the opening season. Docents lead hikes through the sand dunes and you’ll never be closer to “alpha male display”. It’s worth the show!!

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