Some of Gallery 99 On Sale-OnLine and Ben, the lost dog, update

We had a great opening night at Gallery 99.   People were walking out the door with art and I was there to fill in the holes with more art.  There are two days left and I thought I’d extend Gallery 99 to our blog community by offering what’s still available of Jon’s and my work.

So here it is.  Jon’s  signed photos are  matted to fit into a standard 11 x 14 frame.  They are $75 + $10 shipping.

Meg on the feeder SOLD


Fran and Meg SOLD
Roosterness SOLD
Chicken Shapes


Sisters SOLD


Milk House SOLD



I have two Streaming Wall hangings  available.   They are both about 12″x15″ and are $60 + $8 shipping.

Tears turn to steam SOLD

“Tears turn to steam when the tea pot screams, My work is divine”


“Piece together my soul with flowers, cookies are restless, movement heals, move move”

If you’re interested in any of these pieces just email me at [email protected], go to Contact Me or leave me a comment.

Ben, the lost dog, Lenore and I found on the path last week is doing well.  His owners came by yesterday and said he had an infection from the porcupine quills and the vet told them if we hadn’t found him, he probably wouldn’t have made it through the night.  But we did find him and he happily recovering at home with the people who love him.  Happy Ending.



6 thoughts on “Some of Gallery 99 On Sale-OnLine and Ben, the lost dog, update

  1. I would love to be on the list to purchase Tears turn to steam.
    I am afraid it is one of a kind and sold! but please know it is
    so lovely and so much meaning. You have such a gift, on so many
    levels. Have a wonderful sale and enjoy your show! Teri

  2. Congrats of the show , it sounds like it was a great success.

    Thanks so much for the update on Ben , have wonder how is was doing now that he is back with his family. Hope you keep us all updated on his recovery & hopefully you might even post a pic of him one day soon , that would be wonderful.

  3. Thank you for the update on Ben. Bless that sweet love dog. I lost a cat 10 yrs ago – escaped from the carrier on the way in to the vet’s. Searched for a year, did the flyers, everything. Never found him and I still think about him and wonder what happened to Kitzi. So I really love “found” lost pet stories. Bless you too, Maria.

  4. thanks for the update on the lost dog. a small piece of information like that helps to keep hope alive in all our lives.

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