Jon’s photo of Singing Stars

My photographer husband saw the photo on yesterdays blog and insisted he could do better.  So here it is, Jon’s photo of Singing Stars Echo Thru Time.  He complained that the sun wasn’t quite right for taking  the picture, but it still looks better than mine.  It’s kinda nice having a photographer in the family.  Maybe I should take advantage of it more often.

4 thoughts on “Jon’s photo of Singing Stars

  1. It is a treasure when partners in life can do meaningful work together. My husband and I have shared the work on Creekside Farm for 25 yrs. I’m sure otherwise we’d have drifted apart long ago. Annie

    1. I just read something in Rosanne Cash’s memoir about the idea of commitment keeping two people together through good and hard times. I think it can be the same with work as long as it is truly fulfilling to both partners. Or maybe it’s the commitment to the work.

  2. Hi Maria,
    I love your freedom of drawing with thread! As a quilter, knitter and rug hooker I love seeing the freedom sewing gives us and the endless ability to stretch our creativity and our skills! Please don’t stop “Playing” as I call it!
    I am drawn to this piece of yours and was wondering if it was still for sale? I understand and can appreciate the effort that went in photographing to replicate the color, but realizing that each monitor also skews the colors and I love it what ever color.

    Please let me know if I can have a little piece of Full Moon and Bedlam Farm here in Kirkwood, MO!

    1. Hi Sheri, sometimes I have to remind myself to play, but I know how important it is. I made this piece for a donation to a womans program at a local college, so it’s not for sale, but thanks for liking it enough to want it.

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