Light me up with the fire of my soul

A while back I  I was going through my box of green fabric and came across a sage colored cotton jacket I had gotten at Finders Keepers, one of my favorite thrift stores.  I loved the color and the style, but it never fit me quite right so I brought it to the studio knowing the color would be just right for something.  That day I pulled it out of the box and cut the back out.  I could see it as the ground for a streaming pillow with maroon thread.  I hung it on my wooden drying rack where I put fabrics that are special or inspiring.  The fabrics I don’t want to forget I have.

The next day I got an email from someone saying that if I ever made a pillow using a mossy color, golds and browns, she would be interested in it.  I was a bit surprised, but by now, I’m familiar with how these things often work. I think thoughts and idea are out there and we pull them in and they  connect us to one another.

This all happened probably about a month ago and I just got the making the pillow last week.    I haven’t used such rich colors in a while and it was delightful working with them.  The backing for the pillow is a Celtic design, which worked perfectly.  The words seemed to move me forward, rooted in the past with the promise of what my life has become and faith in the future.

“Walking through the forest of my being, unlearn and know, conjure the wisdom of courage and creativity, light me up with the fire of my soul”

This pillow is already sold to Susie.  I guess it was hers as soon as  I pulled out that sage jacket.



4 thoughts on “Light me up with the fire of my soul

  1. I’ve always wondered–and I hope I’m not asking for trade secrets here–but how do you do the streaming pieces? are they pre-drawn on the fabric and you just sew over them? or do you just raise the foot up and free-hand sew with the machine?

    1. No secrets Gaye, I have a free motion sewing machine which allows me to sew in any direction at any speed. I don’t draw on the fabric first, I just put the fabric under the foot of the machine and start sewing. Sometimes I have an image or words in mind and I begin with them. I always start in the middle of the fabric so it doesn’t pucker. One image leads to another or a phrase and that leads to another. I try not to think about it too much hoping to tap into the subconscious. I’m often surprised when I look at a finished piece and wonder where it came from. Other times it’s like one of those “hit me over the head” dreams where there is a clear message.

  2. I love the whole concept that thoughts, ideas, people are out there, and we pull them in, and connect with each other. Your blog is exciting in that way. I am not even an artist or know how to put colors together, but your philosophy and verve for life pulls me in. Annie p.s. I love it that a magazine is going to pay you for ad space!

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