Strings to short to tie

I was inspired to design this new (and yet unnamed) quilt by the orange and yellow flowered upholstery swatch I found in one of the bags of fabric yesterday. I’ve been thinking about those blues and greens since I had a dream and saw the colors in a turtle back design,  glowing like stained glass.  That  flowered piece of fabric gave me a place for them.

Strings Too Short To Tie   by Mary Kellogg

fiber of life
twisting and turning
unraveling spears of time
in concert with our souls
stepping into our days and nights

decisions are made
cementing lasting friendships
if severed the cut is deep
never to be tied again
it is unraveled
to roll about into nebulous thoughts
prodding conscience with questions

another fiber swings into place
a misplaced fiber
strong remembrance
short of life
we choose to remember

Jon and I are off for a night in Vermont.  I’ll be back at the blog on Friday.

3 thoughts on “Strings to short to tie

  1. i was mending my husbands shirt this am and was using my pin cushion that i bought at the last pig barn art show. so many pleasant memories of that day came back to me. a warm feeling inside. funny how such a small thing as a pin cushion could elicit this response.

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