My Turtle Quilt

Inbetween taking orders for Jon’s notecards (they’re Sold Out) I pieced together my latest quilt.

This is the one whose colors I dreamed of.  It  came to life when  I was given bags of fabric by a friend.  Like the potholders, from the same batch of fabric, it came together quickly.  In my dream the colors glowed like stained glass and the pattern was that of a turtles back. Dark lines contrasting and surrounding the glowing color.

In a recent Tarot card reading a turtle card was drawn.  “Slow down” it read.  I keep thinking of The Tortoise and the Hare.  Slow down and look around you, the Tortoise sees everything.  And although it came together quick and easy, and it also speaks of shadow and light, I think of it as the Turtle Quilt.  Or maybe it wasn’t quick, just easy.  Maybe the slower you go, the easier it is.

"The Hare" a card recently sent to me by a friend

4 thoughts on “My Turtle Quilt

  1. The Hare card surely looks familiar; I am certain I’ve been down that road before!
    Here’s hoping you get to slow down while simultaneously easing into a search for a new farm/art space [ hey, forget Walmart! get farm/art!!*]
    You both so deserve it, so believe it in. As one of your regular fans, I already see you there!

  2. This quilt is so unique. It feels to me like Winter meets Spring, Maria. The fabrics and texture are outstanding. Congrats, Maria!

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