Rose At Work Notecards -Sold Out

Organizing Jon's note cards

Jon and I had a Tarot card reading when we were in Vermont.  One of the ideas that came out of it was that we needed to do something physical to help make our move to the New Bedlam Farm possible.  So when we got home, Jon ordered a dumpster and I started sorting through our books and donating them to the library.  Today we went through some of the cabinets filling up garbage bags to throw in the dumpster when it gets here next week.

I love cleaning out the old stuff and getting rid of it and once I start it’s hard for me to stop.  By the end of the day Jon had had enough, so I headed upstairs where I had 7 boxes of Jon’s notecards waiting for me to organize them and prepare them to sell.

It didn’t take long and my head was so in the organizational mode already it was a pleasure to do.

I’ve sold Jon’s note card at the Pig Barn Gallery, but never on my website, so this is a first.

So, I’m offering 2 sets of notes cards with images of Rose.  The first is Rose At Work, Jon’s photos of Rose herding sheep.

Rose at Work

The second pack is Rose and Roses. These are Sold Out.

Rose and Roses

The notecards are 5″x7″, there are 5 to a pack and each one is signed on the back by Jon.  They are $15 per pack  + $5 shipping.  If you’re interested in Rose At Work just email me at [email protected] or go to CONTACT ME.





5 thoughts on “Rose At Work Notecards -Sold Out

  1. hello, i am interested in buying notecards of rose. please let me know when they become available. thank you, barbara

  2. Jack and I have been reading your blog together this morning and when he saw your turtle quilt he said, “Oh I LOVE THAT !!! …the shapes and design and colors …it is a work of art!”

  3. i think I lost out on the Rose at Work cards. Are there more in the future. Please keep me in mind to buy a set.By the way I continue to love my potholder.

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