My First Day of Spring

Today's Potholders

There comes a time for me, when the winter is just over.   Today was that day.  I’m not sure what it is exactly, something to do with the light, and longer days,  the feel of the air, the smell of mud and a feeling I can’t explain, but know deep inside of me.   It’s been a warm snowless winter and yet  still there’s a change.

When this happens I take down the winter lights in my studio window, I stop wearing my winter coat, I open my doors and  windows and let and the cold cleansing air move through my studio.  The animals felt it too, Meg laid an egg, the first in months and Lenore jumped in the mud hole on the path and went for a swim.

If I had to choose, I’d say Spring is my favorite season, but I think it may be the change of seasons that really appeals to me. No matter what the season, moving from one to another is always a new beginning.  And that’s what draws me, that momentum of endings and beginnings.  The spiral that constantly moves forward with each upward and downward turn.

Freedom Beats my Heart, today's unfinished streaming piece


12 thoughts on “My First Day of Spring

  1. You’re right, Maria. The change of seasons appeals to me also, but from autumn to winter…not so much. I have felt the same stirrings here in Ohio, in the wind, the smells and in the birds’ songs. They know it, too.

  2. Loved this post, Maria. I can feel the change too, and love it, so I could relate. I think you hit on the head too when you said it is about the changes of the season that we get excited.

    1. Oh I saw a pheasant on the way to the post office, I never see them around here, I thought it must belong to someone, I guess it belongs to spring!

  3. Maria, you are becoming an amazing writer! That last paragraph is so descriptive; indeed, the change of seasons puts us in touch with the endless flow of the universe; the endless inevitable cycle of change that we tend to go to sleep to, until the momentum puts something in front of us to get our attention and wake us back up to our place in it all. Lovely!

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